In Short: We dug ourselves a deep deep hole and created Eindhoven’s first real Underground Hangout: 3 meters deep, 6 meters long, open for 10 days during the Dutch Designweek 2013, located at Strijp-R. Besides the impressive depth you could find underground food, drinks and dj’s.

In Long: A place so underground you won’t even see it if you were standing on top of it. A literal translation of the Underground scene was the starting point for this project. And it all had to start with digging a deep deep hole somewhere. Since our backyards were too small (and the ground full of electricity wires and water pipes) we had to look for another place. Strijp-R is an industrial area (there used to be a Philips factory that made television tubes), but now they’re building a brand new residential area. We arranged a meeting and it seemed they had place for a hole. Yes!

The second part was to show the value of an Underground Bar for Strijp-R. The former Philips factory left its mark, the ground was contaminated with heavy metals that leaked out of the factory. It seemed they just cleaned the ground and made it toxic-free, but the imago of the area remained negative. How do you show something is clean when it is in the ground? To go into it. In return for a piece of land we took care of positive-soil-promotion. An underground bar with a story.

A few calls, emails and presentations further we also arranged ourselves a sea container, electricity and digging machines. We built an interior of leftover building materials and opened our doors during the Dutch Design Week. For promotion we made video teasers, flyers and a facebook event.

During daytime we were open for sold soup, tosti’s, coffee and tea. In the evenings we served cold drinks and a different underground dj everyday.