In short: If windows could talk, what would they say? A video + photoserie made together (apart) with creatives all over the world,

In long: A Window To The World is a creative collaboration with screenwriter Efthimis Filippou (The Lobster), and 62 artists from all over the world.

A short letter, written by Filippou, describes the windows as objects with emotions that support people. His letter was then divided into sections that were assigned to artists from the KesselsKramer network. In no time, windows were coming in from Tokyo, Nairobi, Mexico City, Los Angeles, Niagara Falls, Berlin, Florianópolis, an Austrian mountaintop, and a Dutch hamlet called Middel.

In less than two weeks, together (apart), we created a film and window collection, starring 62 windows addressing one message to us humans.

View all windows and credits on www.awindowtothe.world