Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

In short: new identity for the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, a great museum in the small town of Schiedam, in the Netherlands.

In Long:
The Stedelijk Museum Schiedam is probably the friendliest museum of the Netherlands, with an astonishing collection of CoBrA and contemporary art. It’s a museum where visitors can decide how much their lunch costs and where locals have the chance to create their own exposition. The museum, however, had a problem to deal with: not that many people knew where the city of Schiedam was located (next to Rotterdam) or that it had a museum.

To give the museum a new chance to present itself to a wider audience, KesselsKramer developed a new identity for the museum, one that uses an asterisk to provide some extra information or a fun fact about the art on display – like why Karel Appel’s work is in a museum and your five-year-old cousin’s drawings are not (yet).


In 2019 Stedelijk Museum Schiedam got nominated for the Museumprijs. And… they won!

Stedelijk Museum Schiedam
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