A gift for the partners of KesselsKramer! For their 20th birthday, all employees bundled wallets and together we wanted to buy a nice car for your bosses. Putting all money together, it seemed that we couldn’t even afford a one-year parking subscription for the city centre of Amsterdam, so we had to find a car that was allowed to park anywhere for free.

This Canta can park anywhere, and anyone above 16 is allowed to drive it and it made a lot of noise. In other words: a car to drive everyone crazy. Perfectly fitting for what they had been doing for the past 20 years.

We bought the vehicle second hand (it looked like a junkie died in it) and we totally stripped it. A paint-job, new carpet, doormat, fluffy chairs, golden steering wheels and a KK-horseshoe on the front later, it was ready to put in the elevator and drive into the KesselsKramer 20 years party. Yiha!

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