In short: a campaign for NEMO Science Museum, promoting a new expo about technique.

In long: We’re surrounded by technology. We use vacuum cleaners, we flush the toilet, and drink coffee every day, without realising what brilliant inventions cisterns, coffee machines and vacuum cleaners are. We’ve forgotten how special these every day inventions actually are. KesselsKramer developed a campaign to discover that again. The same way a visitor able to do that at NEMO.

We created three installations on the subject of ‘making’ and ‘technique’, that show what you can make when you understand how a machine or concept works. The installations don’t explain this, but stimulate the imagination by showing every day objects doing remarkable things that even work. They’re used in stills and movies that show how technique can be used to sweep the floor, stir your coffee and water the plants.

The reason for the campaign is the innovations at NEMO on the second floor, that are about ‘technique’ and ‘making’. There’s an innovation gallery that shows special equipment and technological innovations from the last few decades, like the first vacuum cleaner that was powered entirely by hand. “At NEMO, you discover how the world around you works, and it teaches young and old how you can start with technology,” said André Kuipers, ambassador of Techniekpact, and member of the advisory board of NEMO.

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