a requiem for a requiem

in short: A heartbreaking campaign for Club Gewalt.

in long: When you don’t get the subsidies you need for your next project, crying your eyes out doesn’t always help. Alternatively, it may be more useful to transform your tears into a project to replace the project you needed subsidies for in the first place. That’s exactly what Rotterdam-based theatre group Club Gewalt did. We helped them spread their sorrow online.

After Club Gewald didn’t receive funding for their next show, they transformed their subsidy application into a new theatre piece, funded by no one but themselves. To also give their sorrow a place on the World Wide Web, we shot portraits of them as they drown in their own misery.

We made all club members look neutral at first, until gravity starts to pull the corners of their mouths down. They go from neutral, to sad, to way, way worse. You can feel their tears. Their sadness gradually takes over their face, the image and, eventually, your screen.

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