Women Inc.

Everyday we’re influenced by the socially constructed imaging that surrounds us. Most of the time this happens without you even noticing. These constantly affirmed stereotypes influence the way you see the world and the way you see yourself. It limits your view. As a man you might feel you need to be the sole provider for your family because it’s the dominant example that you know. As a woman you might think that its normal to be judged on the way you look. It’s almost impossible to do anything about it, unless you become aware of it.

WOMEN Inc. has been working on this topic for years. In 2018 we created a sequel to this campaign that shows the public that everyone has Limited View, not just the media. We use riddles to make people aware of their own stereotypical view. Explaining that if you don’t do anything about it you’ll automatically become part of the problem. This confrontation is the first step to awareness and eventually to change.